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Poweramp License / Key File / Internet Verify

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I am FURIOUS right now with this app. I've grown to rely on it over the past year or two and would rave about it. I had to go out of cell phone range and play music for a youth event. As I started to organize my playlist with very select music to play, the app insisted that I have an Internet connection to verify that I purchased the app. It complained a few times and on the last run of the app, it shut down and refused to allow me to use it until I verified with an Internet connection.


I was A WEEK without my music management tool.  To add insult to injury, I looked and I had both the Poweramp app (2.0.9-byuild-558-play) AND THE %$@#!@@! UNLOCKER APP (2-build-26).   I'm sorry for the caps, but I cannot express how infuriated I was with the fact that I PURCHASED this app, I had the Unlocker on my phone. But you miserably FAILED me when I needed you most, when I had no other source of music than what was on my phone - and I couldn't manage it with the app I bought from you. 


Whatever STOOPID marketing idiots you employ, I suggest you fix this so that the next time I have to go to this remote location, my music management tool works WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS.


What is ridiculous is that, if this was a streaming only app like Pandora or Spotify, I could understand shutting down without access. But the app is intended to play static MP3 files on my phone - why shut the entire app down with no access to the files clearly on my phone. Even cripple-ware may keep some features alive while premium features go away. But NOTHING. COMPLETE SHUTDOWN. (Yes, I tried starting Poweramp from the app as well as via the Unlocker app. Both failed with a "cannot contact server".




Droid Razr Maxx

Android 4.1.2

Poweramp 2.0.9-build-558-play

Poweramp Unlocker 2-build-26


Really irrelevant to the problem - phone was in remote wilderness, no cell, no wifi, no internet. App was useless.

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Similar issue here. Have loved Poweramp for 3 years and now this licensing issue nearly made me trash it for good. Was using it to as a fill in playlist at a gig I was running on friday. I always chuck the phone on silent and airplane mode to prevent any interruptions to the music, and immediately got licence verification issues - after 5 mins of silence ended up having to play my tunes on amazon mp3 player - oh the horror!


Please fix this - seriously though have not had a single problem with the app before and I love it, but whoever has fiddled with the licence phone home code needs to be taken outside and shot.



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According to the dev (which is all I have to go on) the Google licence check should ONLY occur once within the first 24-48 hours of installation, and after that not be requested again unless you reinstall the app, change ROMs, clear data, reset the system, etc. Other than that, it is meant to just continue working without any further network connection.

I assume that rechecking the licence is not needed after a simple power-off/power-on reboot though. Turning phones off for a while is a pretty common requirement (e.g. when taking off in a plane, after which time you can switch it back on in Flight Mode, most likely without any internet access) so trying to do a license check after a simple reboot would IMHO be an extremely bad idea.

Max, please could you look into this again for these users, as obviously there is still some sort of issue going on here.


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I had the similar issue today. 


Yes, Goggle pushed down upgrade to android 4.4.4 but I had connection to internet for several days.

I can't understand why license check should be the problem of end-user.


One morning it just stopped to work in subway.

Obviously I don't have internet connection underground.

This is just wrong.

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This is just ridiculous. I have the same problem, and I'm very angry about this, has it happenned multiple times, without warning, completely at random. Sometimes, I'm on the bus riding to work, listening music trough Poweramp since a good 30 min without any problem and bam, it just stops playing songs in the proper order, and when I try to open Poweramp, it says it can't validate or something like that. Trying to revalidate through Google Play doesn't work (option is greyed out). I have to manually uninstall and reinstall the unlocker from Google Play EVERY TIME this bug happens, which is, I would say, about once a week since about 2 months.




I don't have a data plan, thus, I can't uninstall and reinstall from Google Play when Poweramp decides to stop working randomly in the middle of the day and I don't have wi-fi access.


I'm not the one who usually complains about bugs, but this is just unacceptable. If it was a one-time bug that never happenned again, I wouldn't complain. But it happens about AT LEAST once EVERY WEEK for god's sake. And totally at random too... usually right in the middle of a music playing session...

I'm not running on custom roms and I am not one of those guys who thinker with his system. I like when my stuff just work. THIS IS A FREAKING MUSIC PLAYER. That's one of those apps you think would be a reliable, no-nonsense piece of software that would JUST WORK.


Seriously. The developper should fix this NOW. This is BEYOND ridiculous.


I used to rely on this piece of software for my music EVERY DAY. Now I just can't. I never know when it's going to stop working.


Running on a Nexus 4, with Android 4.4.4.


I'm this close to shopping for a new music player. It's sad though, because this one had a lot of nice features, but it's totally UNRELIABLE. Stops working randomly requesting a valid licence that I already bought and reinstalled many, many, many times already. I'm fed up with this.


Anyway, I can guarantee you the next time this happens to me (probably next week), I'm going to uninstall this piece of ?%"/$*"% and look for something else.


Never saw a paid app that made me angry like this one (and I installed a lot of apps on both iOS and Android). That's just sad.

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