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  1. I am FURIOUS right now with this app. I've grown to rely on it over the past year or two and would rave about it. I had to go out of cell phone range and play music for a youth event. As I started to organize my playlist with very select music to play, the app insisted that I have an Internet connection to verify that I purchased the app. It complained a few times and on the last run of the app, it shut down and refused to allow me to use it until I verified with an Internet connection. I was A WEEK without my music management tool. To add insult to injury, I looked and I had both the Poweramp app (2.0.9-byuild-558-play) AND THE %$@#!@@! UNLOCKER APP (2-build-26). I'm sorry for the caps, but I cannot express how infuriated I was with the fact that I PURCHASED this app, I had the Unlocker on my phone. But you miserably FAILED me when I needed you most, when I had no other source of music than what was on my phone - and I couldn't manage it with the app I bought from you. Whatever STOOPID marketing idiots you employ, I suggest you fix this so that the next time I have to go to this remote location, my music management tool works WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS. What is ridiculous is that, if this was a streaming only app like Pandora or Spotify, I could understand shutting down without access. But the app is intended to play static MP3 files on my phone - why shut the entire app down with no access to the files clearly on my phone. Even cripple-ware may keep some features alive while premium features go away. But NOTHING. COMPLETE SHUTDOWN. (Yes, I tried starting Poweramp from the app as well as via the Unlocker app. Both failed with a "cannot contact server". FIX THIS Droid Razr Maxx Android 4.1.2 Poweramp 2.0.9-build-558-play Poweramp Unlocker 2-build-26 Really irrelevant to the problem - phone was in remote wilderness, no cell, no wifi, no internet. App was useless.
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