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Behavior after the app is killed by force


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Before I rooted and installed lagfix I had no problem running Poweramp after killing it with Task Manager or with phone Reset. The app would always come right up and point to where it stopped in the last song played. But after the above updates the same kill/reset now forces the app to always start with the following panel:

Welcome to Poweramp

Thank you … blah blah …

and follow through with the standard sequence of that panel after selecting one of the buttons. In addition it now forgets the last song played which is rather inconvenient. This happens only right after the kill/reset, otherwise it is fine. Since it used to work before then is there a cure for it now that I can apply myself?

BTW – I love the app, it’s worth every penny that I paid for it :D

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Huh, does the question really belong here?

http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid- ... -apps.html

OK, my bad, now I understand how I got confused with this Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. I did not realize that this can be pulled of the Market. Sorry about that!

So - back to square one on the main issue - the solution in the above link (deleting the file in /data directory) does not work for me, the problem persists.

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