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  1. Any progress on large fonts? I could really use them (50 something, and in the car) . Thanks!
  2. I second that request! Google Gesture Search on song titles now defaults to the stock MP3 player. It would be great if there was an option to default to the Poweramp. Gesture Search does have an API to integrate with. See here as well http://www.google.com/mobile/gesture-search/ Thanks!
  3. For the email attachment issue see: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=813&p=11489&hilit=email#p11489
  4. For email attachment see viewtopic.php?f=1&t=813&p=11489&hilit=email#p11489
  5. Use Remote Wave Free app from Android Market. It was put together exactly for what you need. I used it first on Froyo (2.2) and now use it on Gingerbread (2.3.4) on SGS i9000. Suggestion to maxmpz: why not put together a special free Poweramp rev with enough controls for email attachments (including the bloody email permissions)? Would keep more users in your camp!
  6. Can Poweramp be used to automatically play wav gmail attachments? I'd like to use it to listen to attached voice mails. The process that I think should work is as follows: - Open gmail mail with a wav file attached - Click on the Preview button to access the attached wav file - Select Poweramp from a list So I guess the question is how do I register Poweramp so that it shows in step #3 above? Thanks!
  7. I still consider Poweramp to be a great player (love the folder capability) but ... I just drove for 10 hours and this remained me of the font size request. Once again, the existing UI setup is designed for interaction while holding the device relatively close to the eyes but is extremely difficult to (and dangerous!!!) navigate when the device is in a car dashboard holder and one is driving - can't see the text, can't see the buttons (like Shuffle). To make it even worse I have a roadster with hard suspension so car shakes just compound issues with the screen interaction (all kinds of shakin' going on) - basically have difficulty hitting the right controls (like folder/song selection). BTW - I use an Android app called Car Mode when driving (http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2010/1 ... sonal.html) to address the issues with screen interaction. It automatically adjusts profile (ex: BT on, GPS on, WiFi off, etc) plus changes the GUI into a simple grid of very large icons so that it is easy to see and navigate Android panels. For mounts that signal the car mode Car Mode app acts automatically when putting the device in/out of the holder so I don't even need to press anything to change the mode. Maybe that is something that Poweramp could integrate with? Thanks for listening and would be happy to sign up for beta testing.
  8. I just realized that the two Auto-Advance features apply only to, well, auto advance – dugh :oops: ! But I was trying to use it to prevent manual advance to go to the next folder. This can be annoying. Therefore a suggestion is to add two additional options that, when selected, prevent manual advance or back-step beyond the selected folder or library category, something like: Manual Forward/Back in Folders Manual Forward/Back in Library As always, thanks for listening
  9. maxmpz - thanks so much for responding, much appreciated. See some comments below. Your improvements of the folder scanning into custom library over the Media scanner are impressive indeed and one of the key benefits of the app as far as I’m concerned – thank you for that! Regardless, I would like to see the above implemented at some point. For now I use Rescan Media Root app as an alternative to the above request as follows: To make sure that Media scan is never invoked automatically: - In Poweramp the following option must be turned OFF: Menu> SETTINGS> Advanced Folders Options> No System Scan For Folders - In Android the following option must be turned ON: Home> Menu> Settings> Applications> Development> USB debugging - In Rescan Media Root the following option must be turned ON: Menu> Select options> Disable scanner on quit To perform Media scan so that it builds system library that will be visible by Poweramp or any other android app: - Run Rescan Media Root and wait until Media scan is done (watch the status bar) - Exit with the back button and wait until Done message is displayed App discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=753294 Great, thanks! But why not just use the same scheme as is the android default for the sake of consistency? I see that I was not clear. My issue is not the size of the button itself but the size of the label font – I just have difficulty reading such small fonts (especially while driving as I pointed out in other posts :geek:). Agree with the boring but being a software person myself I came to appreciate UI navigational consistency from the user perspective .
  10. I’ve been playing with the Poweramp a lot lately and I love what I see. I do have some comments and observations that perhaps may make this great product even better, thanks for listening! - Media scan (a biiiiig deal) I have a 32G external SD with more than 8,000 tunes. This is a problem because Android automatically invokes Media Scan on every change on SD and on every Reset which forces long delay even if nothing was changed in the music folders. Poweramp has an option to skip its music folders from the external SD during Media Scan (great!) but it does not have an option to force that scan from within Poweramp. This is another problem because if I want that scan them to update the Library list then I need to change the Poweramp option and then reboot the phone – kind of a clunky process (unless I'm missing something). If I'm not missing anything then what about an ability to force Media scan from within Poweramp (from the main System Library panel?) for the folders that are explicitly disabled with the existing option? That would be huge! There is a general discussion on the XDA forum of that type of approach, here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... ?t=732462# - Swipe to Unlock Screen (very minor) I wonder why the unlock screen option for the locked screen widget does not work the way standard android unlock does: swipe to the right. I would prefer that default swipe with the widget instead of the two options that currently exists (tap to unlock or tap to get to the swipe). A minor detail really. - Menu (very minor) I wonder why Menu does not display items the way other apps do (like Menu on the Home screen) and instead uses these tiny buttons as part of the actual panel. I would prefer the “standard” way because it is easier to see and more of what I would expect. A minor detail really. - Previous suggestions viewtopic.php?f=3&t=664 viewtopic.php?f=3&t=656 viewtopic.php?f=3&t=653
  11. Problem solved. Details in the related XDA link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... st10979043
  12. OK, my bad, now I understand how I got confused with this Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. I did not realize that this can be pulled of the Market. Sorry about that! So - back to square one on the main issue - the solution in the above link (deleting the file in /data directory) does not work for me, the problem persists.
  13. Sooooo - while playing around with the above issue I inadvertently deleted Poweramp Full Version Unlocker :oops: . Now what?
  14. Before I rooted and installed lagfix I had no problem running Poweramp after killing it with Task Manager or with phone Reset. The app would always come right up and point to where it stopped in the last song played. But after the above updates the same kill/reset now forces the app to always start with the following panel: Welcome to Poweramp Thank you … blah blah … and follow through with the standard sequence of that panel after selecting one of the buttons. In addition it now forgets the last song played which is rather inconvenient. This happens only right after the kill/reset, otherwise it is fine. Since it used to work before then is there a cure for it now that I can apply myself? BTW – I love the app, it’s worth every penny that I paid for it
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