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I apologize if this has been discussed, did not find it on forums.  After downloading my amazon music/playlists from cloud to phone I am able to see music, but not playlists in Poweramp.  I have fiddled around in folder settings and can not find a hint of what I need to do. 




Thank you 

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Sounds like you've got locked in (trapped in a system with no export options).

Seems like you could go to the Amazon web cloud player and download each playlists music into a folder then use desktop software eg foobar or iTunes to make a playlist from that folder of music then export that playlist as an m3u and add it to your phone.

I've had luck with iTunes exported playlists working without changing the path to android paths before but I do keep the folder structure. You may need to edit the paths in a text editor if it doesn't play off the bat.

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