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Better playlist editing


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It'd be nice to add a few features to the playlist editor.  Mainly, I'd like to be able to multi-select entries in the playlists, and be able to move them elsewhere in the list by dragging them, etc.


Right now, unless I just haven't been able to figure it out, the only thing you can do is move one entry at a time.  This is nearly useless in large playlists.


Perhaps even a separate utility.  There are a bunch of generic playlist editors out there, but none seem to be able to access Poweramps proprietary playlist format.  So right now, I export, fix things in an external editor, then reimport the m3u.   A bit of a pain.


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I TOTALLY agree.  The only thing I still use winamp for is to set up my playlists on my computer, and then transfer them over to my phone to utilize on Poweramp.


If there was some computer companion or better setup on the phone that would make this the PERFECT player.  Right now it is great, but could really use this type of update

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At the moment you are right, using external (M3U) playlists and then editing them outside of Poweramp would be the best option. To be honest, anything larger than a dozen or so tracks I tend do to that way anyway. as it's just easier to control - especially if you do it on a PC with a larger window, mouse dragging, etc.


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Hmm.  Still not there yet.

Basically, what would be nice to have is a UI to multi-select entries in the playlist, then be able to move them about in the list, then save the list.  It could work like this:


  1. Click "multi-select" icon.
  2. Click on the first entry you want to select.
  3. Scroll, and click on the last entry.  All entries from the first to the last are selected.  (alternative modes could be drag selecting, and randomly selecting multiple entries one at a time, and be switched between by pressing the multi-select icon again before any selections are made)
  4. tap multi-select button (after above step) to make your selection.
  5. Now the multiple selected entries can be moved about in the playlist just like a single entry can now.
  6. Once positioned all selected entries are moved to the selected position.


The most common thing I'd do with this is move a bunch of songs from a particular album to a new position in the playlist, for instance, to group albums from this particular artist together in my playlist.  I listen to many artists, and my playlists often have 1000+ entries in them.  When say, a new album comes out from an artist, and I still want to keep another album in the rotation, my only choice right now is to add it to the end of the playlist.  This is sometimes fine, but often, I want to move the new album to a position in the list after the artist's previous album, etc.

Right now I do these sorts of things by xfering the m3u file to a PC, using an editor such as mp3tag to rearrange things, then saving the list, and massaging it with a sed script.  :P  This is a bit of a PITA.

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