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Bluetooth audio all of a sudden moved to speaker

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Was listening through PA and all of a sudden the sound moved from bluetooth over to phone speaker. It happened right after I pressed the power button on the phone to unlock the screen.


I got a catlog and cut out the relevant time (+- a few minutes)




Checked settings > route output in PA and it was still listing my BT headphones. 


Was this PA or Android that bugged out?


Phone is Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2.


Btw, route output > disconnect and then connect again = the sound was back in the headphones.

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Poweramp doesn't switch outputs on its own. There is just no code for this in it. There is Route Media button, but in builds before (unpublished) 552 it doesn't work in 4.4.2 and it requires user pressing it.


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