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  1. Using sleep timer to stop playing audiobook with the option play last song to end, PA remembers the position as the beginning of that file. Not as you expect, the beginning of the following file. Have also reported this using the form.
  2. Was listening through PA and all of a sudden the sound moved from bluetooth over to phone speaker. It happened right after I pressed the power button on the phone to unlock the screen. I got a catlog and cut out the relevant time (+- a few minutes) http://pastebin.com/mhYxsi2w Checked settings > route output in PA and it was still listing my BT headphones. Was this PA or Android that bugged out? Phone is Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2. Btw, route output > disconnect and then connect again = the sound was back in the headphones.
  3. After fixing the requested catlog I got a private build that fixed the problem so stay tuned for this to go public
  4. Ok, root I have so no problem getting a catlog and some debug. Maybe it's time to drop support for Android <4.0 Or at least 2.3, if that simplifies the app.
  5. Disabling headset/bt control works around the problem. The fact remains, ALL other media players I have remains paused when connecting to my car. If I then later press play in the car, the active media player will start to play. With headset/bt controls active, PA will even start, even if it wasn't active and start playing, just after connecting to the car. I would love to see these two changes in PA, one, do not autostart to play upon connect. Two, do not respond to headset/bt control if the app isn't running. It seems to keep a too persistent service running in the background.
  6. If I disable all BT-controls & lockscreen in PA and then have Spotify active, it does not start to play upon connection. If I press play in the car, Spotify starts to play. This is when the car is active in radio mode. If I have my car audio system set to BT audio instead, Spotify automatically starts to play upon connection. This is true for other media players as well, for example Google Music.
  7. When my phone gets connected to my car's BT, Poweramp starts to play. Even though the player isn't active. And even though the car is not at the bt audio setting, it is on radio. Other players do not do this, just PA. Already tried settings that did not help: Poweramp menu: Settings=>Headset=>Resume on BT connect + Resume on Headset Connect (unchecked) Poweramp menu: Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus=>Short + Permanent Audio Focus Change I did report this as a bug using the Google Docs form. If it helps, I can get a cat log. Device: Nexus 5, Android 4.4.2 Car: VW Passat 2013
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