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Speakerphone problem in latest version (2.0.9 build 550)

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After I upgraded to the latest version (2.0.9 build 550, Purchased), the problem has occurred.


The problem is when I answer the phone or call the phone, the speakerphone function turns on automatically. It has occurred not only the phone application but also many VOIP applications.


It hasn't occurred when I delete the Poweramp application or use the previous version (I'm using 2.0.9 build 539 and It doesn't occurred again.)


It's not the hardware issue because I checked my device to engineer from manufacturer Company (LG) and When I tried to factory reset, it doesn't occured. (I'm using original ROM, not custumed ROM)


My device is LG-F180K(LG Optimus G) which is similar to Google Nexus 4.


What should I do?


P.S) I'm sorry that I'm not good at English because I'm not native speaker. When you can't understand the post, please reply what you can't understand.

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Ok i guess this is where i should post my bugs,problems,or whatever here.i don't understand what happens since i used the latest upgrade,my music is not the same i can hear music but it's either grabed or i can't hear the voice,i want my music the way it was prior to this latest build,please help me to do this. 

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Poweramp doesn't have anything that can switch Outputs except MediaRouter component, which can switch between BT and wired headset, not speakers, and which is for Android 4.3+. What is your ROM version?

We have Optimus G, but it's named E975, and we can't reproduce this issue.

Also, when Poweramp is not playing, it unloads and can't affect anything about audio at all.

So there is no bug in Poweramp related to this as there is no functionality in it related to this. I would recommend looking into those VOIP apps, as they indeed have this functionality.



Same, we didn't change anything in this part in last releases. Thus, it can be due to some tweaks to the app, I would suggest long pressing Reset in Equ/Tone screen.

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