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  1. After I upgraded to the latest version (2.0.9 build 550, Purchased), the problem has occurred. The problem is when I answer the phone or call the phone, the speakerphone function turns on automatically. It has occurred not only the phone application but also many VOIP applications. It hasn't occurred when I delete the Poweramp application or use the previous version (I'm using 2.0.9 build 539 and It doesn't occurred again.) It's not the hardware issue because I checked my device to engineer from manufacturer Company (LG) and When I tried to factory reset, it doesn't occured. (I'm using original ROM, not custumed ROM) My device is LG-F180K(LG Optimus G) which is similar to Google Nexus 4. What should I do? P.S) I'm sorry that I'm not good at English because I'm not native speaker. When you can't understand the post, please reply what you can't understand.