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Possible to hide "/extSdCard" in Folder list?


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I've only recently got an Android device, and whilst the standard Android music player on my Samsung Galaxy S3 works adequately and has some nice default album art, I thought I'd try a different music player.


Poweramp seemed to be the best alternative, although it took a while to figure out how to sort the files in the folders by filename rather than Title tag (with my MP3s, the filename has artist then title).


It's mostly all sorted now, but I don't like the appearance of the "/extSdCard" path in the folder list - is there a way to hide this path, so only the folder name and the song total is shown?


Thanks in advance.


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Or perhaps you are impatient, as you only posted your request 10 hours ago?

But no, you're right it can't be done, "/extSdCard" is part of the full path on Android, just like "C:\" is in Windows.



Fair enough, even if it does look ugly.


Some boards like this I post on, I get responses within minutes. Just saying.

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