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1. Do not direct user to "Now Playing" screen after a song selection

While in the library view, if the user selects a song it takes them out of the flow to direct them back to the now playing screen.

One scenario is where the user is making a playlist of adding songs to their queue, sending them back to the now playing screen every time they want to preview a song is very frustrating. When a song is selected, begin playback but let the user remain on the screen.


2. Add Album art

Why is album art not displayed in the library list view?



3. Add "Song Playing" button

When navigating the list, if can be confusing and/or time consuming for the user to get back to their place in the list.

consider adding a button that would scroll the user to the song that is currently playing




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1. This is already an option in Settings.

2. Album art is already displayed in the Library screen (well, in the Album view mode anyway, which is probably the only place where it would be applicable).

3. Not a bad idea (although you can always just use the device's 'back' button and then press the track name again to do this).


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