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I am trying to play albums in full, the albums are shuffled but songs within the albums are played in order. To do this I start playing an album and when playing have Advance List and Shuffle Lists selected. This works fine while and plays shuffled albums but when I stop listening for a number of hours/days and then start again the player will start from where I left off but while playing will then revert to  playing individual songs which are shuffled.


How do I set up the player to play albums (with the songs on the album played in order) but shuffle the albums?






PS. This is on a Google Nexus 4 running Android 4.3

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I think I may have sorted this. I was using an app called EasyPhoneTunes on my Mac to synchronise music from iTunes to my phone. This copied the music but put the album folder within an artist folder. I have removed the albums from the artist folders which seems to have resolved the issue. So when using the app I had Artist folder/album folder/tracks, I have changed this to album folder/tracks.

So if you are thinking of using EasyPhoneTunes with Poweramp beware.

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