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using the player for spinning - questions


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I am a spinning instructor, using samsung galaxy tab 7" tablet as my class music player.

2 issues prevent this from being my favorite player, and i'd like to know if there is a way to change them.

1. Is there a way to enlarge the font of the time passed and total song time? maybe there is there a skin that would do that? i dont care about album art or graphics....

 would be even better if i could enlarge them on the playlist....

2. can the "time passed" of each song be changed to time left? would be even nicer to see all - total time time passed and time left.


addition: on my samsung galaxy tab 7" mp3's are not always gapless, whatever i do. sometimes its smooth and sometimes the is a short pause.


thank you in advace for replying, Tamir, Israel

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Spinning is a brand name for Indoor cycling. for more info :www.spinning.com

in this class i use a riding plan that is supported by music, that i play with a tablet.

tried every music app available, all are far from perfect. Poweramp is good soundwise but the interface is crappy.

same with Neutron. great sound, not so great UI. 

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