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How can to use playlists and which format?

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I don´t understand the way Poweramp handles playlists.I understood that there are folder playlists and library playlists.What I wanted to do is to keep the songs from 3 or 4 albums and play them not one after the other but in a shuffle-mode.

I´ve tried two apps, "My Playlistmaker" and "Just Playlists".I can make a m3u-playlist with "Just Playlists" and play it in shuffle mode with the player which is inside that app.

If I try to open this playlist with Poweramp it says there are no files or no data in that list or Poweramp can´t open it.


What playlist-format is compatible to Poweramp? m3u? or m3u8? How can I create a playlist wich can be played with Poweramp?Can Poweramp itself create one?

And can I use this list in shuffle mode than?

And another question;How can I delete library playlists? If I press the list another song is added....the folder playlists can be deleted on the sd-card with a file manager but what about the "virtual" libary playlists?


waiting for help....




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