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Bluetooth AVRCP - send filename

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First of all I'd like to say Poweramp is the best android music player for me, thank you guys for this great app.


I almost exclusively use it to play over bluetooth A2DP, and I have two small features to request which would make this app perfect.


1. Option to send the filename over AVRCP if the metadata is not available in mp3 tags.

On my car audio display most of the time I see "Unknown Artist" which is because my files aren't tagged correctly. I spent hours tagging them with different tools, but I can't keep up with the pace I'm downloading music. It would be really nice to show the file name in this case, because that contains exactly what I want to see.


2. Option to remember playlist position after changing playlists

Sometimes I accidentally switch to another playlist, and then I'm really angry to search where was I in the previous list's hundreds of entries - and its really not safe to search in a list when I'm driving.

Also, I have my favorite playlist with over 200 songs which I play usually, and after I switch to another list to show some friends other music, I must find where was I in the big list.


Thanks for your time!

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