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From another thread I saw:

Hmn I was thinking. I've seend quite a few people having license issues, and as far as I know, the license creates a 4-week cache. Wouldn't it be cool to have a menu option "Refresh license"?

I never appreciated this BUT, I will be away from network connectivity for quite a bit longer than this (long distance hiking overseas) and will be wanting Poweramp to keep working without any "refresh". Plus my activities regularly keep me (and my phone) away from data connectivity so this becomes a real issue.

Anything I can do to avoid losing Poweramp after the 4 weeks ?

(and I really need to keep Poweramp as it is the only play I have found that gives adequate volume on my Sony Xperia).

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I'm interested in this as well. I didn't realize that the Poweramp license needed a "refresh". It is a critical app for me as I travel a lot, and when it went out over the Atlantic this weekend I was a little ... put out.

It would be nice to have some control over this, as I was a little lost when I had seven hours left in my flight and no Poweramp.

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I guess I'm not the only one with this problem. I just emailed support (i'm guessing? they mentioned some email in the purchase confirmation email) that license went out,

and I can't really update it from Google Play because I currently work in China, and Power Amp is not available here. I used the link from the purchase confirmation email

I've received last year when I purchased the app (I had to do it straight from the website, not from google play), it downloaded the 1.1 version of the unlocker, which apparently

doesn't work with the current build. Not sure what I can do, hope support will reply within the next couple of days with a solution.

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