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    SMB support

    Whilst SMB is not something that interests me (battery life on my phone is not fantastic), one easy way round this might be to keep everything as it is from a library perspective but maybe add a new option "Play from file system" which allows you to browse files (like any file manager) and then play a file/directory/directory structure without adding it to the library and thus without requiring scanning and without issues about device availability.
  2. From another thread I saw: I never appreciated this BUT, I will be away from network connectivity for quite a bit longer than this (long distance hiking overseas) and will be wanting Poweramp to keep working without any "refresh". Plus my activities regularly keep me (and my phone) away from data connectivity so this becomes a real issue. Anything I can do to avoid losing Poweramp after the 4 weeks ? (and I really need to keep Poweramp as it is the only play I have found that gives adequate volume on my Sony Xperia).
  3. Any idea when we can expect this - 'cos with many of my album covers it is ghastly. I appreciate it is a cosmetic thing but ... Will we have to wait for v3 and if so, any indication of timescales ?
  4. My car stereo behaves the same way and I already have the setting as described above. But I think (in my own case) the issue is the car stereo. When I start the car engine (switch on the car radio) the bluetooth on the radio is enabled and the phone call connection immediately automatically establishes (as seen on car radio display). However, the streaming connection does not establish and I have to press a button to force a reconnect - at which point Poweramp starts playing as expected. sometimes pressing the car radio button does not establish a link and I have to "cycle" the radio sources back to BT-Audio and try again. Occasionally I have to repeat. And very occasionally I have to pull-over, and disable and re-enable bluetooth on the phone. Don't know if this helps. (Mine is a Sony MEX-BT3600U Car Radio).
  5. (I hope this is the right section as it's not a bug and not a feature request). When I play Poweramp through my car radio using Bluetooth streaming it works and the next/previous buttons on the car radio work as well but their functionality is "weird". Pressing Next once works as expected (next track) Pressing Next twice seems to skip to the next artist in the artist list. Still trying to work out 3 presses. "Prev" works similarly though with moving back to previous track/artist. To me it is weird as some of my albums are "compilations" where each track is a different artist so when I next onto one of those albums, it becomes a 1/1 (i.e. track 1 of 1) and then "Next" just takes you to the start of the same track. Question: what is the functionality of double/triple press on the next and on prev buttons on the car radio when using BT Control and is there any way to get it to be next/prev album rather than next/prev artist ? (or does this depend on the way you browsed to the album/track that was playing when you pressed next/prev (on car radio. I have the headset control settings in Poweramp with "Double/Triple Press" enabled (rather than "Long Press"). Many thanks Stuart
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