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  1. Ugh white ui Hopeful there's a dark skin built-in I can't stand white backgrounds.
  2. Max you staying silent for months kinda defeat the purpose of having a forum
  3. This is so exciting also new website looks nice!
  4. How I use PA: I just copy via SMB the music I want from iTunes media folder to my phone /Download/Music folder, then I do a re-scan manually (I disabled automatic) go into last added and play the new songs. For songs already in library sometimes I shuffle all songs, or albums (sort by artist). I don't use ratings and rarely playlists.
  5. As long I can change the pink color to anything else (Teal is a good "neutral" color) im OK with this UI
  6. The UI wasn't "ugly" at that time when you bought Poweramp, it has the same UI and all other functionality working up to latest Android version and theres a huge rework in alpha stage. It's your opinion but don't expect changing your rating to 1 star is going to help improve Poweramp at all.
  7. Just tested the alpha, dam, the new audio engine is amazing! I can deal with a Gingerbread UI for another year with this new audio engine, no problem at all! I mean, look at Titanium Backup, Gingerbread UI too, but gets the job done that's why is highly praised, Poweramp is the same, both of these apps aren't the top on their categories for nothing, the developers focus first on the core functionality, on TB it's doing backups and on Poweramp is getting out the most amazing sounds of our phones. You know there's plenty of players in the market that offer Material UI but look at their
  8. Yes it would be nice to have accessibility in mind while building the new version. To make sure Talkback talk the right names of all buttons and labels
  9. Wow no offense but I tought Poweramp was on EOL status, you gotta improve your communication with your user base dude... But forget all of that, I'm excited to hear the new audio engine and to have Poweramp's powerful equalizer working with Google Play and DLNA it's a dream coming true, high expectations, please take your time so you can do it right.
  10. This is not the first time I have license issues with Poweramp, and the funny thing is I could link at least 5 websites right now with fully working cracked Poweramp. Also Classic skin discontinued? edit: That was rude sorry
  11. Hello edit: I sure expected more from the top dev...do they read the forum? their FAQ says the service closes automatically when not in use for some time...well I have it running in the background for over 6 hours and the main app is closed. Support please?
  12. 4 week cache? dam...I hate DRM...if I knew about that I wouldn't throw money on it...it's easier and free to pirate any app and we don't have to deal with DRM.
  13. Since I installed Poweramp I have always it's service running in background eating memory. Is there a way to make any service/module/etc based on Poweramp load only when I open it and remove them all from memory after I exit?
  14. Agreed! Look at my situation developers, I have 2 music player, one I use just to browse and download musics from my home computer library, just to listen to then on Poweramp. That's not right! right?! +1
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