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By chance does anyone know if there will be a Poweramp version developed for WindowsRT? I'm looking to move away from my Android tablet and go to a Windows ecosystem. Right now I have Apple, Android, and Windows and it's a pain.


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I see the response of not planning a Poweramp version for Windows 8/RT. I'm guessing tne answer is the same for the Windows phone. I know it takes resources guys but I think you're missing out. When I wade through the WP8 forums plenty of people are begging for something that will play alac.

I'm not much of an Apple guy but like many others I have a ton of music in alac because it was the fastest and easiest way to get good quality music files. I'd love to ditch my Android phone and go to a WP 8 but music is a biggie for me and well, you Poweramp folks have the best player in the biz.....so that leaves me having to go to an iPhone or stay with an Android OS that I'm not too happy with.

I cant believe neither Poweramp or Microsoft isn't moving quickly to fill this void. If you guys won't do it then maybe I need to put my CS degree to use and start a competitive offering.

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