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Help please?


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I've searched all around, XDA forums, here and nothing!

Here is my question, I hate the way Poweramp uses the back buttons while in the player screen. I want to go to back to my library that I came from, which is the "recently added" library, instead it takes me to the home screen How the hell do I fix this? I've gone through all the menu options and nothing, nada!!!

When I click on the title of the song on the player screen, it takes to the library that contains all the songs, again I want to go back to the previous library i was at and select another song, DON'T take me back to ALL songs.

Second, I can't find anything anywhere for Bluetooth streaming, it works, it works fine, but my vehicle doesn't show the name of the song/artist. There has to be a way to enable this feature. I know the car supports it.

Thank you.

My device: Nexus 4, stock rom, latest version of Poweramp on play store. Thank you.

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Poweramp workflow (by default) is Main Player => Folders/Library => (back to) Main Player, but this can be changed with Settings => Look and Feel => Startup screen.

Pressing on song title opens the currently played list, which can be all songs, some folder, artist, album, etc. Poweramp doesn't create virtual now playing list, but instead always plays the list which is the "parent" list of the song. For example, if you go to albums and select some song from some album, that given album becomes the current list. This approach have added benefit of lists navigation and advanced shuffle modes.

Support for Bluetooth track info depends on device/firmware - modern samsungs, motorolas, htcs do that. Usually, if stock music player shows that info, it will work with Poweramp as well. The option controlling this is located in Settings => Misc => Tweaks => Send Metachanged Intent (it's enabled by default).


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