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  1. I've searched all around, XDA forums, here and nothing! Here is my question, I hate the way Poweramp uses the back buttons while in the player screen. I want to go to back to my library that I came from, which is the "recently added" library, instead it takes me to the home screen How the hell do I fix this? I've gone through all the menu options and nothing, nada!!! When I click on the title of the song on the player screen, it takes to the library that contains all the songs, again I want to go back to the previous library i was at and select another song, DON'T take me back to ALL songs. Second, I can't find anything anywhere for Bluetooth streaming, it works, it works fine, but my vehicle doesn't show the name of the song/artist. There has to be a way to enable this feature. I know the car supports it. Thank you. My device: Nexus 4, stock rom, latest version of Poweramp on play store. Thank you.
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