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Multiple artist/genre ID3 TAG


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Hi, how should mark a file so the Poweramp library recognize multiple genres and/or artists?

For example: "Getz/Gilberto #1" album must appear into Joao Gilberto albumns and into Stan Getz discs too. And also should appear between Jazz disks and Bossa Nova disks too.

Is this possible?

Thank you very much!

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This is possible for "genre", you have to use ";" as the separator, and it's normally possible with "artist" too, but seems to not work on Poweramp

But i'm confronted to a bug with "genre" too.

My MP3 are tagged with foobar and multiple genre/artist are recognized correctly on my PC. But when the files are copied to my phone, Poweramp replace the ";" with a ":"

If i edit the tag directly in Poweramp and replace the ":" by a ";" so the tag are finally recognized are 2 distinct genre... But i can't edit each tag of each file after each sync !!

And for the "artist" field, multiple artist simply not work, even if i edit the tag directly in Poweramp...

Please resolve this bug. :)

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