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Hello Community 👋,

maybe I did not do my due diligence but I couldn't find the answer so here goes my question.

I would like to have a song specific Visualizers from the Artist, like Spotify. 

Maybe there is a way to import them after downloading and loop them, without any dynamic effects. 

Thanks a lot!

Greetings, Matthies 


PS: I'm so glad I downloaded this app again, it's just so esthetically and functionally pleasing, I love it! Tanks MaxMP and everyone involved!

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@andrewilley Hey, unfortunately I did not see the email for your fast reply, but here I am.

I am suggesting a unique visualizer for a specific song. So If I understand you right, the first option.

Just Eye candy for now, I don't know enough about EQ yet.

Thanks for your Effort!

Greetings 🙋🏻‍♂️


About Snotifys Visualizers (skip if no interest):

Im not 100% sure but I think on Snotify there are Album wide visualizers, as well as song specific ones (the song specific Visualizers override the album ones). An example for an album visualizer would be a lightly animated album cover (maybe just changing lights or some slight animations, I'm less interested in those). For Song Visualizers there are often adaptations of the music video or even completely unique ones just for streaming platforms. These Visualizers are always a short video that is looped, nothing dynamic or synced up.

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