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Found 15 results

  1. In my app New Playlist Manager, I am developing "Smart Playlist" functionality ahainst the Poweramp Media database instead of the Android Media database. Main reason for doing this is that Android does not offer the ratings tags whereas Poweramp does. However I run into the same frsutrating issue when trying to query for Genre. Both Poweramp and Android appear not to adhere to relational database design principles as I am unable to return "genre" within the same query. The table folder_files holds foreign keys to album, artist, composer referring to data held in other tables. Surprisingly the key to genre is missing. There are url's listed in the API documentation but I would like to return all relevant track info in one sql pass, for example: powerampuri = Uri.parse("content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/files"); return resolver.query( powerampuri, new String[]{pamp.pamptrack_id, pamp.folders_path, pamp.folder_files_name}, mwhere, sselectionArgs, msort_order); but as fas as I am able to establish, genre is not included Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. What about implementing an option to have the equalizer to change to the relevant preset based on the genre assigned to the song? I mean everything you have a 'rock' let the equalizer to set on 'rock', 'classic' on 'classic' and so on. It might get complex for genre where there isn't an equalizer setting (e.g. Alternative) but it's a matter of letting the user to make the default choice.
  3. Dr27024_


    Is it ok if I edit info about a particular genre as style?
  4. Sorry, my Poweramp is in fresh, but I used to be able to modify the music style... For example change Pop to Rock... But the system does not work anymore... Why ? Thanks !
  5. cornholio

    dynamic eq recognizing genre

    I would like a dynamic eq function (for an example see musicbee on pc). The eq presets automatically adjusts for the genre of the playing song. However, for this to work Poweramp should fist be able to recognize multiple genres in one song.
  6. I make changes to tag info ex genre for instance and it shows correctly inside power amp be if the file is opened on a different device it don't display correctly like it is not actually saving in the file info
  7. Decksdark

    Multi Genres in FLAC File

    FLAC File supports multi genre itself. When I save Multi genre with mp3tag and it works well with foobar2000, but Poweramp only gets the first genre I hope Poweramp will support FLAC Multi genre itself.
  8. Hi there, all my mp3s have multiple genre id3-tags. A very nice and comfortable feature of my desktop-player is, to be able search in a very intelligent (boolean) way. For example, i'm having a party at my place and want to choose very quick the appropiate music. I know, there are some people, who like rock music but hate electronic music. What I do with my desktop-player (foobar2000) is: searching for music which is tagged with "party" AND "rock" AND NOT "elektro". In fact, I do have some mp3s which are tagged with all 3 tags "party"; "rock", "elektro" (for example "let forever be" by the Chemical Brothers), but I want that just mp3s with the tags "party" and "rock" AND NOT (!!!) "elektro" appear in my playlist. Is this kind of search already possible with Poweramp? Would be very nice!!! kind regards, SiliasPA
  9. kerryz

    Genre -> Tracks listing

    When selecting to browse by "Genre", the only option is to browse by Genre Album. My request is to be able to simply list all the tracks. In a day and age where albums are becoming less and less prominent and most of my tracks are either singles or I just have one or two songs from each album, only having the option to list by album, most of which only contain one track and most of which I don't even recognize because I don't think of tracks in terms of albums anymore, seems quite outdated. The sort by artist/name/date added feature should obviously also be available when listing by Genre Track. Thanks for a great app!
  10. totoro_sun

    About genres

    After update my Poweramp, I can no longer find some of genres in genre................, except few ones which seems are already identified by Poweramp.............. I don't know if this change works in other aspect, but I think it better to show these genres, or it would cause some trouble to some users like me............... or maybe there are other ways to solve the problem..........?
  11. Awesome app!!! I'm a DJ that is attempting to utilze this app to replace/supplement my laptop while DJ-ing. Two items that would be nice to have are: 1) The ability to show the Genre for each song in the play Queue. Maybe an option that would allow you to substitute the album name in the play queue with the Genre tag instead. 2) Is there any way to keep track of the last played date of a song and the be able to view it with the songs listings when browsing the library? Thanks, Matt
  12. cthorne

    How can I shuffle play a genre?

    I have just downloaded the trial. I would like to shuffle play a genre. Here is what I do: -select genre type of list-list of albums in genre is displayed -select album-list of songs on album is displayed -select song-song plays -long select shuffle icon-popup menu of shuffle options is displayed I cannot find an option that will shuffle all songs in the genre. Any option other than shuffle all plays the songs on the album in order. The shuffle all option shuffles all songs in all genres. What steps do I need to follow to shuffle play a genre? Where do I find a user guide or detailed help for Power Amp? Thanks.
  13. Hi, how should mark a file so the Poweramp library recognize multiple genres and/or artists? For example: "Getz/Gilberto #1" album must appear into Joao Gilberto albumns and into Stan Getz discs too. And also should appear between Jazz disks and Bossa Nova disks too. Is this possible? Thank you very much!
  14. Hello, I love this app ! The one and only faulty thing Ive seen with it (so far) is that it does not like genre tags, as in tags/more then one. Much of my music has two genre-tags since one is to narrow to my liking. When played on my computer, software shows "genre 1; genre 2" , in other words it reads both (or all) genre tags and present them seperated by ";". When a track has more then one genre tag, Poweramp shows no genre at all. It is blank. Could we please have support for multiple tags, or at least have Poweramp read one of them ? (sorry if thread is dupe, found nothing relevant to this aspect of genre tags on search).
  15. Hello, I just downloaded the trial version of the player for my Android phone - and so far so good, I like it. But I am having a problem with it not staying with a chosen genre/artist/album/whathaveyou when I select shuffle. Is there a way for me to prevent it from shuffling freely between all my songs? I appreciate the feature of being able to do so, and sometimes its nice to have it 'freely shuffling' but often enough I want it to stay within an artist's realm or a particular genre. Take Care!