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Previous album / Next album with the headphones control


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first, i wanna say thank you to Max, because this is the best music player by far. It was my first paid app and really, the one that i most use.

Well, about the request :

it's amazing how confortable now is to be able to press 2 clicks and go next song and 3 clicks and go to the previous one... i absolutely love that feature !

I have a Galaxy S3.. and i was wondering if theres any way if you could implement a similar function, but with the folder / album. I normally copy the artist folder, and then, subfolders with the albums

example : Nirvana \ 1991 - Nevermind

\ 1993 - In Utero

\ 1994 - Unplugged in New York.

And I would die to be able to skip to the next album with a press with the headphone control, example, 1 long press skips to the next album, 2 long presses go to the previous one... just think about how confortable would be :)

what's your opinion?

thx and greetings from Argentina.

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I have remapped the + and - keys on my Galaxy S3 so they act as track advance/back rather than volume (and so double-pressing does album next/prev). It's a fairly simple hack requiring only a text editor to change a a couple of numbers within a text file (as long as your phone is rooted). See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28752382#post28752382


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