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Poweramp & Foobar, a perfect couple!


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As they say, matches are made in heaven; and they are right! For months I was considering to buy ipod for its near hi-fi sound. Because Android phones are also good at audio (some are very), my friends suggested to get an Android of choice, and a very capable and worthy piece of software (you guys surely know that). The recipe worked so fine that I never thought of ipod again, and that with nearly the same price! For one, Poweramp solves the issue of playing and managing clutter of album tracks by using cue sheet embedded in formats like FLAC. And how do you combine bunch of tracks into single file along with cue sheet? Here comes the very handy Windows utility, the Foobar 2000. So I greatly appreciate Poweramp team for making it all possible for music lovers (audiophiles too) at Android! My loves grows ever for Poweramp!

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