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Jukebox party functionality?


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I have tried out a lot of different media players and I love Poweramp! That being said, there are things I would like to see added, unless they are there and I just have'nt figured out how to set it up.

I have a 10" tablet that I would like to use as a jukebox using Poweramp. The app is most of the way there, I like being able to swipe through the screens and all, but here is what I would like to see added:

The now playing screen is good with the album art, but I would like it if the album art could be moved from the center to the side (or top in portrait) and leave the remaining space for song information, like year, album, artist, genre, etc. Perhaps a quick button that would switch to the lyrics in that section. What would be really cool is to have a section that displays trivia about the artist or song, downloaded from the Internet. I've seen this somewhere, but can't remember where.

It would be nice to have a way to lock the player into party mode so that only certain things can be accessed, locking out access to the rest of the system, configuration, ability to delete songs, etc.

I like that you can set it to show the next song, but when I queue a song, it only shows "queued" and the number. It would be nice to show the next queued song, or even better, a narrow bar on one side or the bottom with a small thumbnail for the next several songs in the queue, so people adding to the queue will know how long till their song.

It would also be nice if the screen for songs, artists, etc, used album art thumbnails. For now, the only time I see those is when I look in the folders view.

And finally, perhaps a way to make the action buttons slightly larger?

Thanks for a great product!

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You're basically asking for a "Friends mode" When only certain artist/albums are available, no major changes can happen, and you can hide that embarrassing CD by Justin Bieber from your friends? Sorry, I'm trying to figure out exactly where you are going with this. Can you give me a scenario where you would use this feature, if implemented and how.

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I can think of an example: Eg: At a wedding/party you want to have an android device/tablet on show. So that people who have no knowledge of how to use Poweramp can easily add a song to the queue. And perhaps have it locked down so that you can't change it straight away.

So implementation wise: you have a queue on the side/top ( based on landscape/portrait) visible all the time, Someone can go through your library and add/remove a few songs to the playlist but can't force their song to play. There would be an "exit jukebox mode button" that would be accessible via the menu for example.

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