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Googlemail to Gmail, Problems with Fullversion?


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Hello, last week has Google renamed his Email Service in Germany from Googlemail to Gmail, my Android Phone (SGS3) has already the "new" Gmail Adress ending. BUT: I hav bought Poweramp with my "old" Googlemail Adress, will i have Licensing Problems??

If yes, who can helps me? I have my Order Email nomore...

EDIT: I bought it about the Poweramp Website!

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"@googlemail.com" can still be used in the future. So there should be no problem.

The problem is that Google created the trademark only for us Germans (I think so), but it's called Gmail everywhere else. But since the start "@gmail.com" and "@googlemail.com" are interchangeable and it will not change. Google just want to erase the trademark "googlemail", so we Germans will call it Gmail like in every other country.


Your Email is hanswurst@googlemail.com.

If I write something to hanswurst@gmail.com it will be sent to you. You don't have to change the name of your Google-Account for Play store either.

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