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  1. Lol sorry, I checked this thread after 1 year abstinence to see what have changed. Not much I guess^^ I'm using MP3tag, not foobar. It's the best software for now. But you have to download album art/CD covers on your own (albumartgrabber). But at least you can select as many songs if you want and changed the Album Art all at once. You can also create playlists which Poweramp can read. If you want to add more songs to an already existing playlist, hold ctrl. make sure that you tweak your preferences, like automatic save when going to the next song file.
  2. Is there really no one else who want this feature? If not, then I'll have to spend maybe 1 week to embbed the every CD-Cover-Art for every song by my own...no I'm not joking -.-
  3. Hi there, I really love the sound quality and style of Poweramp. Nice work! Almost all my mp3s have an embedded album art. (I used droid3tagger) But I prefer the CD-Cover (Single) over the album art for some of my songs. So I deleted the album in the ID3-Tag and search the CD-Cover through Poweramp. Works. But whenever I restart the player or edit the ID3-Tag the old embedded album art shows up again. (Yes I checked "prefer downloaded album art over embedded") For the future updates: Is it possible to embed the downloaded album art/single art directly with Poweramp? It would take less time than using foobar2000. It's super nice that you can download album arts through Poweramp. But it's a pity that the downloaded album art neither is embedded nor saved somewhere you can export it.
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