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  1. Hello, I've just bought a Nexus 7 (V2013 / Version 2) should be incoming in the next 2 days. And I bought Poweramp a looong time ago, my question is: Is my license still valid for a Tablet-Installation of this App? I bought the Unlocker on the Website by the way Thanks in advance :=) EDIT: Ah, and is an HD Version available or something like that? Is PA compatible for Tablets?
  2. Why not a "One-Time" License Check? I mean: "Device-ID: Check" "G Account: Ckeck" And... thats it, why these License Checks? For me no problem, but, you see, enough users are pissed off . One Time Check is okay... or? Ahh and a Question: What happens when your Server(s) are offline?? Do we have than all Demo? LoL
  3. You don't need to update the unlocker. I have a "very old" version of the unlocker (a newer Version is available in Google Play), and it still works. Only the Main App (Poweramp himself) needs updates.
  4. Umm... Bought per PayPal? Thats the Solution
  5. Hi, My Device is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and i have a Custom ROM (CyanogenMod 10, Jelly Bean). And in this Rom, i a, for me, important Feature no longer available! Long Press the "Menu" Button has activate the Songsearch. But now, nothing! Can you, the Developers, fix that?
  6. Ganz einfach, hast du den Poweramp Player Unlocker auf der Website von Poweramp gekauft? Wenn ja, musst du einfach nur deinen vorhandenen Google-Account mit deinem neuen Handy nutzen und den Poweramp unlocker installieren, rubbeldiekatz, Vollversion. Falls du ihn im Google Play gekauft has, musst du ihn nur downloaden, also den Player und Unlocker.
  7. Hello, last week has Google renamed his Email Service in Germany from Googlemail to Gmail, my Android Phone (SGS3) has already the "new" Gmail Adress ending. BUT: I hav bought Poweramp with my "old" Googlemail Adress, will i have Licensing Problems?? If yes, who can helps me? I have my Order Email nomore... EDIT: I bought it about the Poweramp Website!
  8. @ALL The Poweramp Player works well with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (today became my new Phone ).
  9. Hi, is the Poweramp Player compatible with the SGS3?
  10. Hi, is it possible to Play streamed Files from Grooveshark? like Tinyshark? That would be extreme awesome
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