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Transfer license from Google Play to another e-mail


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First of all, this is my favorite music player for Android, very feature rich. The simple thing of being able to change folders/albums with a single button next to the track changer is awesome, also to start playing the next album/folder when the one playing ends. I've searched many players that can do this but to no avail.

I have question. Can I change the license from Google Play to the e-mail license? I wanna use my phone without Google Play Services (LineageOS) but the only thing stopping me is the Poweramp license.

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Poweramp costs less than a Venti mocha at your local Starbucks. And purchases are generally not transferrable from google play to direct/web purchase.

(Note to mods, the stickied post about purchases/unlocker, the link to the full purchase FAQ is not working at the moment!)

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If you have purchased any app from the Google Play Store then you need to have the Play Store accessible, and using the same Google account, on any future device to which you wish to install it.

You can separately purchase a licence from the website if you wish, which will be linked to the email you use to make the purchase. Do remember that website licences are only valid for a single device at any given time (installing on a new device will revoke the website-purchased licence on any other device).

(Link to FAQ fixed)


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Where I live the price is more like 2 of these expensive drinks you mentioned. Also, the price on Google Play Store is 1/3 of the price from the website (almost 1/7 now that's on sale - $4,50BRL against $30,50BRL).

However, thanks for the answers! One more thing, does the price buying directly from them have an occasional sale or that never happened?

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