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Currently, below the SEEKBAR the only user configuration choice allowed is to display the FILE PATH or SAMPLE RATE. Could you also include a choice for displaying only the FILE NAME? It would also be good if ou could make the text area below the SEEKBAR Scroll its text to accomodate the long file names/file paths.

I listen to a lot of podcast type programs where I include the program date is saved as the first part of the file name. I'd like to be able to see the date of the show on the PLAYER screen as it plays. Right now, only the file path can be seen and since it does not scroll you can only see part of that.

In fact if the area below the SEEKBAR did Scroll that would solve this request for me! My file name would scroll by with the file path.

Great Player!

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Yes, could this area in the Player view be completely customisable (with free-form query-type strings)?

Ideal for just filename (eg. %FILENAME%), or additional mp3 tag-value options to be able to be displayed here instead (eg. where the existing bitrate and file-type are currently).

Definitely a useful one for me would be the 'Year' tag (eg. %YEAR%). For the Comment field, maybe allow x number of chars to be displayed (maybe as a separate option and line)?

Not sure if all this is already possible with skins, or whether this bitrate/file-type metadata is hard-coded in?

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