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  1. +1. I just use an ISO-date format for the podcast track-titles for now (I tag the Artist and Albums too). Keeps them in order, and easier to find. A resume feature for any track with 'Speech' as the genre, to start where one left off when playing the track again (if listening to normal music tracks in between) would be very useful too!
  2. +1, please. This was also on my list; I'm glad others also don't like to see 'Unknown'. I'd extend this for any string-based field: just show a blank space, not the word 'Unknown' (it looks messy, in my opinion). Thanks!
  3. +1 Yes, could this area in the Player view be completely customisable (with free-form query-type strings)? Ideal for just filename (eg. %FILENAME%), or additional mp3 tag-value options to be able to be displayed here instead (eg. where the existing bitrate and file-type are currently). Definitely a useful one for me would be the 'Year' tag (eg. %YEAR%). For the Comment field, maybe allow x number of chars to be displayed (maybe as a separate option and line)? Not sure if all this is already possible with skins, or whether this bitrate/file-type metadata is hard-coded in?
  4. +1 (very useful for music practice)
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