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Be more like XiiaLive


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Greetings -

Some of the most amazing features of XiiaLive ( http://bit.ly/JZKHfW ) is how:

  1. Volume control within Xiialive doesn't affect global volume / media control. The XiiaLive app itself can have its volume set at, say 30%, while ..
  2. XiiaLive allows other audio streams to run atop its own. Often times, I'll be listening to an audiobook via the audible.com app ( using global volume which is much higher ), while relaxing classical/new age music playing at a much lower volume ( set within Xiialive)

Does anyone know if Poweramp can co-exist with other audio stream sessions, as well as allow for its own volume settings (which don't affect global volume)?

If not, can this be seriously taken into consideration for future implementation?



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Answering part of my own question: I discovered the option "Permanent Audio Focus" needed to be unchecked in order to keep Poweramp's stream to remain concurrent (aka not pause) while other apps also playback... though, after a track on Poweramp ends it seems to interrupt the other audio streams.

Now, if I can only figure out if there's a way to reduce the volume within Poweramp so that my audible app plays over at a higher volume ...

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