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AirTunes Speakers (AirPort Express)


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Apple have recently integrated direct streaming to AirTunes Speakers for non iTunes installed devices I.e. iPad and iPhone. This is something that has sadly been missing for some time and there's no longer the need to piggy back a mac or laptop etc to achieve streaming to remote speakers.

Will a future update off such a feature, to be able to choose which speakers to push to? DLNA and iTunes Server for playing from local media devices would also be cool.

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In android, apps don't have access to any hardware sound outputs at all. They can only output into some virtual sound device. Android on its turn routes that audio stream to the connected output device, which can be headset, BT audio or speakerphone. Application can ask to change that route, but it can't do anything beyond that.

As you understand, AirTunes speaker (or any other specific device) is not known by Android. If it AitTunes speaker can be connected as A2DP Bluetooth device, it can be recognized by Android and then PowerAMP will play on it.

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