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  1. Hi, I see a request for DLNA support, which would be excellent, but would an iTunes server option be possible too? I access my iTunes Server from all devices on my LAN e.g PC, Mac etc and it would be good to be able to access the same iTunes server library from my phone when I'm at home; the server is run from a NAS not a pc etc.
  2. Thanks. That's an idea, didn't think of that. I haven't rooted my phone yet, but here's a good enough excuse as any.
  3. Hi, Is this still in the pipeline? I have a card full of music for when I'm out and about but to be able to play music from my NAS or create playlists pointing to the NAS files would be awesome. I tried to create a playlist from my NAS music folder using astro but although Poweramp shows X files in playlist, when played using Poweramp or the default player, it states the playlist is empty.
  4. Bad news. Perhaps Google will incorporate the ability to stream to AirTunes on a future update.
  5. Hi, Apple have recently integrated direct streaming to AirTunes Speakers for non iTunes installed devices I.e. iPad and iPhone. This is something that has sadly been missing for some time and there's no longer the need to piggy back a mac or laptop etc to achieve streaming to remote speakers. Will a future update off such a feature, to be able to choose which speakers to push to? DLNA and iTunes Server for playing from local media devices would also be cool.
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