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Please add auto Queue feature in Poweramp like other apps Aimp, Musicolet, etc.

Currently, Poweramp doesn't support the auto queue feature.

The auto clear queue is not working on adding songs to queue manually.



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Not quite sure what you are asking? What is "Auto Queue" and how would you expect it to work?

In Settings=>Library=>Lists you can set 'List Item Click Action' to "Enqueue and stay in the list", which will automatically enqueue songs when you tap on them, rather than the default action of commencing normal playback. It is basically a shortcut for the dual action of long-pressing on a song title and then tapping on '>>Queue'.

I've just checked the 'Clear Queue on Add' feature, and it appears to be working as intended. When that option is enabled, whenever you request a new song (or songs) to be enqueued by using the '>>Queue' button, everything that was already lined up ready to play in the Queue is removed and the new song(s) are added instead. If you also have 'Start Playing Queue' option set to "Immediately", even a currently playing Queue song will be cleared from the queue too.


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