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accents in Spanish nouns

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Hi! i have a problem with Poweramp. i have songs in spanish and when searching when the name contains an accent ( or í á) Poweramp does not detect it. for example: Maníaca, if i do not write the accent it does not recognize it and in spanish in fast searches we do not put accents.

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Searches are based on ASCII-text matches. They are not case-sensitive, but they do require the text to properly match (so for example "Andre" is not the same string as "André").

The same applies to sorting by the way, which currently sorts accented characters (>127 ASCII) after the regular western 26-letter alphabet. There is a request for better international support for sorting, and I'm sure it would also be possible to apply the same logic to searches. You can vote for it here once your account has been active two days/two posts:


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