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How do I lock the EQ (in PAmp) ?

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Every time i make a custom change in the preset equalizer (I'm trying to find a config that reduces sibilance), whenever the music changes, the equalizer go back to the default one or the one assigned to that profile (either headset, bluetooth, or speaker).

Even when I pick the preset one to try, it'll also go back to the previous setting whenever it advances to next song.

I can't seem to "save" the equalizer configuration that I want. I have to assign them every time I make a small change.

am I missing something ?

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You've probably got a Preset assigned which is kicking back in automatically.

When you advance to a new song, PA will look for any user-assigned presets for that song, folder, album, folder, genre, or output device and apply any required Preset accordingly.

If you open the EQ screen, you'll see the name of the currently selected preset in the middle of the screen. If you then make an adjustment, the assigned name will disappear and the button will revert to the default wording 'Preset'. However next time you change to a new track, the required preset for that track will be re-loaded. You can enable 'Auto Save' in the three-dots menu to force any slider changes that you make to be saved back to the currently in-use Preset.



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