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Enabling Parametric equalizer?

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I need a Parametric equalizer, which I want to use with my custom settings.

I have just installed Poweramp Equalizer on Android using Google Play Store. The app should therefore be in trial mode with all features temporarily enabled. And the UI does mention parametric... but I can't find a way to enable it.

I expedcted to be able to configure the frequencies and values on the phone itself. If I need to create a CSV file first and feed it as a preset I'd be fine with that too, but I don't see a CSV import, only an AutoEQ zip import. And AutoEQ device matching won't work for me - I actually want to use the parametric equalizer with the phone speaker.

Please advise how to set up the parametric equalizer.

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Just scroll down the Presets list (centre button under the sliders/spectrum analyser area) and choose Parametic default.

Or choose any of the supplied parametric presets (indicated by an icon of two small round knobs in the list, rather than two small sliders) as a starting point and tweak from there.


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