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Resampling in Poweramp

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Hi guys I have one doubt.I have mobile(POCO F4) which supports Hires audio upto 24bit/192khz.I have enabled Hires Output in Poweramp, which always resamples the audio from native frequency to 192khz . My question is whether this method affects the music quality or not? 



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It doesn't really do much harm if you upscale to a higher resolution, but it doesn't do much good either. Increasing the bit-depth might give you more headroom for any further processing, but as Poweramp uses 32/64 bit floating point internally in its processing, there's nothing much to be gained there either. Higher settings consume marginally more power too, but unless battery life is a big issue for you I wouldn't worry about that.

In short, if all of your music content is the same CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit (as per your example) then it could be argued that outputting at 44.1kHz gives the lowest amount of reprocessing. If your music varies though, go for at least the highest figure in your music collection.


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