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How to point Poweramp to folder

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I added some songs from my pc to my samsung,not many. Don't get any option to tell windows where to send the files on the sd card.

i created a music folder in the sd card storage, how do i move the songs from various areas in the sd card to the music folder so Poweramp can get them, thanks

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Not sure why you can't copy files from your PC directly to the appropriate folders on your phone or its SD Card? Just connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable, open a window on the PC to the phone's storage location that you want to copy to (or create a new folder) and drag the PC's song files/folders into it.

If you also need to copy other files from location to location within the phone's storage, just user a file explorer app. Most phones have one supplied, or there are lots of more sophisticated file explorer apps available from the Play Store.

To then tell Poweramp where your music is located, go to PA Settings=>Library=>Music Folders and use 'Add Folder or Storage' to grant access to the folder(s) in question.


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