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Vertical "scrollbar" w/letters for when scrolling through a sorted playlist.

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Might have been suggested before, didn't find anything with my search though. Also, wasn't sure how to describe it it in the title, but was wondering if it is possible for the app at some point include a vertical scrollbar on the right side of the screen when scrolling through a sorted playlist in order to make it easier to jump to items for which the name, after whatever sorting you have chosen, starts with that letter. E.g. if one opens the music library and sort the entire library by artists, it is possible to click on e.g. the letter "S" on the vertical scroll bar to the right to jump directly to artists for which artist name starts with "S", saving you some time instead of scrolling all the way down to "S". 

I have a huge playlist with tracks from various albums, artists, etc. now, and I usually have it sorted by artist. If I e.g. play a song by AC/DC (which is at the upper end of the sorted-by-artist playlist), and then want to listen to a track in the same playlist that is by an artist for which name starts with "T", I have to spend some time scrolling all the way down to "T", instead of just being able to hit "T" in the vertical scroll bar (as I can when I browse the entire music library sorted by Artist).

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Playlists don't have a "display in a chosen sort order" facility list other Category types do, they simply show the physical contents of the list in its saved, song by song, sequence. The "Re-Sort" menu option simply reorganises that list into a new sequence based on whatever criteria you happened to choose. The result is still just a list of the same songs but in some new order. So as PA can never assume a playlist is 100% alphabetically ordered, it can't use a letter-based scrollbar.

You can search within a specific playlist by using the Search icon in its header bar though, and then tap a song to play from the results.


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