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Playlist with files from both streaming and local storage

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Tried searching and reading but cannot find if and how I can do this.

This is from playing in my home only - nor necessary to work when I'm traveling or outside - would be superb if it could)

What I need is to create a playlist with files from both my local files (both on my phone and through folder on usb-storage attached to my router) and from streaming services (eg. Deezer) and podcast services (eg. Slate and/or pocketcast)


1. Motorhead - ace of spades (local usb)

2. Political gabfest (slate.com)

3. Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (Deezer)

4. ...


Hope it is doable 🙂



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No, it's not doable for commercial music services. For music to be played in Poweramp (even from a playlist) it needs to be present in the local Music Library database, which clearly a track from Deezer, Spotify, etc will not be. If you can map your LAN-based storage location as a SMB/CIFS folder on your device, that can be added to your Poweramp Music Folders list and scanned into the Library (but be warned it could be very slow):

You can put streaming music sources into Playlists though (which will then be shown in the 'Streams' category in the Library). That also includes online MP3 or other audio files for which there is a specific playable URL path. For example https://freetestdata.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Free_Test_Data_500KB_MP3.mp3 could be added to PA's Library and/or played from a playlist.

There are feature requests to allow simpler playback of LAN-based storage (e.g. local NAS files) or from the user's online storage, but both are actually currently quite low down in the voting order. You can add your vote anyway (once your account has sufficient posts & membership time):


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