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Album in Mini Player

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How do I display album information on the mini display? I needed the information to appear on the smaller display exactly the same as it appears on the larger display. I try 'Settings > Library > Lists > Album Artist Label For Tracks' and it didn't work. I tried to change several things in this directory and nothing works =/. I have the Pro version



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PS:  On my old cell phone, it showed the way I wanted. I tried exporting and importing and it doesn't work either. I don't remember if I did anything different on my old cell phone. I compared the settings and it looks the same.

power old.jpeg

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I don't think you mean the "mini player" (which is the little panel of current playback controls shown at the bottom of Poweramp's Library Category lists). Your screenshots show the Android Player / Media Notification panel, which is seen when you drag down from the top of the screen.

Status Bar Notification formatting (just like Lock Screen and the Android Auto display, etc) is controlled by Android rather than the playback app. Poweramp does in fact provide the Album name, should Android wish to display it.

For example, on Samsung Android 11, the initial and expanded panels looked like this:

image.png image.png


And same song playing in Samsung Android 14:

image.png image.png


If you don't like the default style as defined by the latest Android version on your new phone, you could try forcing one of the older legacy Notification formats, as they used to show the album name rather than just its artwork. See PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Notifactions=>Notification Type . They don't always look very good with newer ROMs though, as they were not designed for them. e.g. 'Legacy' as displayed on an Android 14 phone:




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