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move songs from top to bottom or vice versa with explicit option move to top or move to bottom

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I've thousands of song in playlist and wana move some of them at top or from top to bottom; your app does not have feature to simply move this song at top or bottom option. Currently i need to manually drag them to top or bottom.

Similarly multiple song selection in playlist is possible but while moving songs at top or bottom only one song moves, even though I've selected multiple songs.

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To answer your second point, on the most recent releases of Poweramp (build 978 onwards) multi-selected songs are now moved together as a block - although you'll only see the one item visible as you scroll up and down lists, so you can more clearly see the insertion point.

Move selection to top or bottom might be a nice idea, but remember that you can already do this when adding new songs into a playlist in the first place (you can set the +Playlist functionality to 'Insert at Start', 'Add to End', or 'Shuffled').  To be honest though, if you have an excessive amount of songs in one playlist then it might be worth editing the list using an external editor on a more suitable device rather than the 6 inch screen of a phone.


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