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Fetch Album Metadata From Stream

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Hi folks!

I've recently started using the Streams feature of Poweramp to listen to an icecast-type stream. Streaming itself works perfectly, and for the most part, Poweramp is able to fetch track metadata from the stream without issue. However, when scrobbling tracks from a stream, the album name seems to get pulled from the name of the stream itself, even when the stream has proper album metadata being broadcast. Is there any way this could be fixed? I'm currently holding off on using the Streams feature anymore because, well, I prefer to have the correct metadata submitted to the scrobbling services I use. Thanks for your time, I appreciate the great work you all do on this app! ^_^

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As streaming stations don't require any concept of an 'album' being played (they are generally individual song based) that field is used to identify the station name. Otherwise, once the Title and Artist fields have been updated remotely per song, you would not be able to identify what station is in use - either at the time of listening or later in lists. If your scrobbling detection software in use reads the album name field, then yes I guess it would receive the station name.


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