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Apply equalizer preset to folder and all subfolders

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Coming over from RocketPlayer now that it has sold out and gotten ridiculously pricey. Loving what I found, but I'm missing the ability to quickly assign equalizer presets to an entire folder tree (folder and all sub-folders) or an entire genre. For example, I would like to be able to select my Classical and Soundtracks top-level folders and assign the same equalizer profile (Classical) to them, then go into the Soundtracks folder and select the handful of folders that should be a different profile (say, Pop) and assign to those sub-folders (and any further nested folders).

If this is already possible, my apologies and a request for guidance on how to accomplish that.



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No, it's not currently possible to assign any preferences - such as 'List Options' controls, or EQ Presets - to a whole hierarchy of folders and subfolders. You can only assign options for the song files contained directly within one folder at a time.

However you can assign an EQ Preset to a whole Genre (or any other Category). Open the Genre view that you wish to control, and select 'All Genre Songs' at the top of the list, and tap on a song to start playback of that genre's songs. From that point you can go into the EQ screen, make your slider adjustments, and then use three-dots-menu=>Save/Assign to create a new named Preset which you can assign for all songs in that Genre by ticking the box at the end of the list.



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