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Repeat constantly turned on when it's not supposed to be on. I.e. turning itself on.


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Theres a bug on my Samsung Galaxy s23 5g that has repeat enabled or shuffle at times where i add a song list to the queue and i play the cue instead of stopping at last song it is repeating the queued list automatically regardless of if i turn it off or not... It's a constant annoyance when the queue is done the music should stop but it doesn't... Please fix this asap. Queue options are not working correctly on my phone. I don't think its just me.. i installed google play version then uninstalled it because of the issue, i was referred to the website build and i still have the same problem. Please fix this.. i know theres the option to stay in queue and return to category. Its currently set to stay in queue. However still repeating or shuffling at random...   Thanks -John KB1iLU



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Are you playing via Bluetooth? If so, this could be a known Android 14 bug in which the BT connection requests the player app to change its Repeat and/or Shuffle modes. Any such commands can be seen in PA Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands, and you will notice the Repeat and Shuffle icons on the player screen will change modes accordingly.

PA can now be instructed to ignore these spurious commands with Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Ignore Repeat/Shuffle.


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